Belbin and why it’s a small business owner’s best new recruit.

So, you’re running a small business and juggling a million things. You’ve got growth on your mind, clients to manage and an endless list of tasks. How do you even have time to focus on the people stuff without an HR department or people capability experts to do this for you?

Enter Belbin, a practical, cost-effective solution designed to support small business owners and engage teams to play to strengths and embrace diverse skills.

Here are 6 reason’s you may want to consider having Belbin working alongside you as your newest recruit this year:

  1. Simplicity and practicality: Belbin’s model, is grounded in practical and scientific research into how teams work best together. The simplicity of the Belbin framework allows business owners to quickly grasp the strengths and weaknesses within their teams, making it an ideal tool to navigate and adapt to changes and challenges.
  1. Efficiency is the name of the game: Belbin’s model is like matchmaking but for work tasks. It pairs up tasks with people who are naturally good at them. The result? Everyone’s doing what they love and doing it well – which means things get done faster and better.
  1. Make smart decisions, effortlessly: With a clear picture of who’s good at what, deciding who should do what becomes a breeze. Think of it as having your own team GPS – guiding you to make the best calls for your business.
  1. Team building, Belbin style: Ever wonder why Mike and Chris just can’t seem to work together? Belbin helps you crack the code. By understanding the value of different Team Roles, you can help your team get along, collaborate better, and have some fun delegating the tasks they don’t enjoy along the way.
  1. Budget-friendly: Implementing the Belbin model does not necessitate a hefty investment. It’s all about working smarter with what you already have – your team. There are plenty of free resources out there but if you need to go deeper, we do recommend seeking support from an accredited Belbin coach/facilitator.  
  1. Empowering decision making: By understanding the team’s composition,  everyone can make more informed decisions about task delegation, project management, and team restructuring. This clarity and insight can be a game-changer in the fast-paced environment where quick and effective decision-making is essential.

    It just takes a few simple steps

    While understanding the value of Belbin for SMEs is crucial, the real magic happens when this model is effectively embedded into the daily operations of the business. Here are some practical ways to do just that:

    • Get everyone on board: Start with a casual team meeting. Coffee, muffins and a quick intro to Belbin and how this can help the team understand their strengths and value of each others’ contribution.
    • Team assessment: Get everyone in the team to complete an individual Belbin profile. This shines a light on their preferred contribution in a team context, with input from others on observed strengths and weaknesses. Combine these insights into a Team profile and it provides a clear picture of the team’s overall composition – complements, clashes and skill gaps.
    • Team Role workshop: Organise a workshop where the team can learn about the different Belbin roles and discuss the findings of their assessments. This is a great way for the team to understand each other’s strengths and preferred working styles. Having this facilitated by a trained facilitator is recommended, however there are some good resources on teamhub’s website to help get you started.
    • Regular check-ins: Keep the Belbin vibes alive with regular team chats and conversations over coffee. Discuss how everyone’s roles are playing out in real life. With a safe and common language, it’s a great way to keep everyone aligned and on track with any actions agreed post the workshop.
    • Project-based application: Starting a new project? Use Belbin to assign roles based on strengths for the stage in the project and put together your dream team – irrespective of tenure or job title.
    • Smooth out the bumps: Conflicts? Misunderstandings? Bring in the Belbin perspective. It’s designed to translate, in a positive and safe way, why we work the way we do.
    • Hiring? Think suitability: Use Belbin to figure out what your team needs as a complement to the existing dynamics. Do you need a more critical eye or practical implementer? What style is that missing puzzle piece?
    • Leadership rotation: Belbin suggests that you don’t always need the same person leading. It’s all about the situation. Got a big brainstorming session? Your creative thinker leads the charge. Crunch time? Call in your detail-oriented Completer Finisher. It keeps things fresh and everyone gets a turn at the helm, lifting confidence in their contribution.
    • Feedback and growth: Use those Belbin insights for feedback sessions. With it’s safe and positive language, it’s a great way to help your team grow and get even better at what they do.
    • Celebrate the mix: Show some love for the diverse roles in your team. A little appreciation goes a long way in building a happy, productive workplace.

    So, what’s the bottom line? Belbin’s not just another business tool. It’s your roadmap to a more dynamic, engaged, and successful business. It’s about bringing out the best in everyone and making work a little less “work” and a lot more fun.

    Give it a try – get in touch with or visit for more information.

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