Tools and insights
for smarter teamwork

Increase productivity through stronger collaboration

Clarify individual contribution

Lift impact of teamwork

Optimise organisational efficiency

Smarter Teamwork

With the right tools and insights, you’ll be able to evaluate and action for team success. By lifting the collective over the individual, your team will master complex problem-solving skills faster, feel a greater sense of empowerment and deliver better outcomes. teamhub partners to help create effective work environments where everyone can contribute with confidence and create meaningful connections. Gain competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the best talent that deliver client and business success. 

Team Performance

Access ready-to-use tools that provide data & insights to guide and develop highly productive and engaged teams.

Collaboration Skills

Be team smart and learn how to co-create solutions for positive impact and collaborate for efficiency.

Team Advantage

Create a shared understanding of team representation and play to diverse strengths to achieve success.

Employability Skills

Make the best start to your career. Increase self-awareness of strengths, gain insight to lift academic performance and increase employability with team skills.

Services We Offer

We help individuals, consultants and organisations team and collaborate for impact.  With a partnership focus, we offer personalised service, team effectiveness tools and workshops aimed at lifting team effectiveness across Aotearoa and Pacific Islands.

Belbin Diagnostic Reports

Bring Belbin Team Role behaviour insights into your toolkit – globally recognised for helping evaluate and understand team strengths, identifying skill gaps, increasing the effectiveness of individuals and improving working relationships.

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Coaching and workshops

Gain the depth of knowledge and practical tools to position yourself as a certified Belbin expert. Attend an online or face-to-face team workshop designed to lift confidence and understanding of individual and team behavioural strengths for stronger collaboration and engagement.

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Career Starter Tool

Our youth career tool, Belbin GetSet, will help you learn about yourself. By having confidence in your unique contribution you’ll have the best start to understanding how to apply behavioural skills for collaboration as you enter the workforce.

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Helping people to thrive and do work they love

As a team and collaboration tools expert, we combine experience and fresh thinking to lift impact and effectiveness of teams across Aotearoa and the Pacific. Benefit from a network of over 200 expert team and leadership coaches. With a partnership focus and passion for smarter teamwork, we curate and create best-fit resources for individuals and teams. By understanding the techniques in teamwork, using the gold standard for teaming Belbin Team Roles,  you will deliver optimal outcomes, improve work quality and deliver efficiencies to grow business and talent. 

Invest in the most important asset – your people – and lay the foundations and develop pathways for greater performance.

Director of teamhub

Invest in developing techniques for sustained
team success

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Career Support Initiative

Career Support Initiative

If you or someone you know is dealing with redundancy we’re offering 50 complimentary Belbin Profiles and 1hr personalised insight debrief /coaching session to help uncover strengths and find purpose to take on the next challenge.

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