The power of the collective: A journey across two coasts

Is the value we place on human connection and teamwork getting further down the priority list or are we experiencing a timely resurgence? Amongst the fast pace and relentless demands of our daily work lives, it’s easy to forget the simple and rewarding connections that can be found within nature and our colleagues. Last year Kate Birch from Thrive Together, and I collaborated with a willing client keen to discover these connections by integrating a 16km Auckland Coast to Coast walk as part of their focus on lifting team cohesion.

A journey of discovery and connection

To help frame the conversations, prior preparations involved understanding individual and collective strengths through the lens of Belbin Team Roles. The walk included planned stops for rest and reflection, enriching conversations with insights and fostering a deeper understanding of how to support and strengthen their collective capabilities.

At the penultimate stop, each team member wrote a postcard to themselves, making a personal commitment to improving how they worked together as a team. The card was then posted and delivered a few months later and served as poignant reminders of their commitments.

Celebrating collective growth

Reaching the end of the walk was more than a physical accomplishment; it marked a significant milestone in the team’s journey. For some, the walk was a welcome challenge, for others, a venture into the unknown. Over drinks and certificate presentations, they celebrated not just the completion of the 16km walk but the collective achievement of deepening their understanding and connection as a team. The walk was never just about reaching the final destination, although everyone agreed it was a very rewarding goal, but more about relishing the adventure, and the conversations that emerge naturally along the way.

Kate and I were thrilled to have facilitated this experience, demonstrating the power of combining physical activity with open dialogue to foster team cohesion and readiness for any challenge.

Next steps

We’re ready to lead many more team experiences, so, if you’d like to give it go for your team, get in touch with me Candice at or Kate

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