Belbin Accreditation Courses 2024

Belbin Accreditation is recommended for anyone who uses – or wants to use – Belbin Team Roles as part of their training, agile and coaching toolkit. 

An internationally certified interactive two-day or three-day online course is ideal for professionals who are looking to understand and implement Belbin Team Roles theory within the workplace and/or who will be teaching the model.

Gain the depth of knowledge and practical tools to position yourself as a certified Belbin expert. 

On successful completion of the Programme, attendees will have examined the Belbin model – its development, the individual and team reports and the varying levels of application building from a ‘Belbin base’. We teach you how to:

  • Explain the nine Team Roles; their origins, relationships, similarities and potential areas of conflict.
  • Interpret individual reports, and identify key areas to aid self-awareness and development.
  • Give feedback on 360° reports to enable an individual understand how they are perceived by others and what are likely to be their key roles within the team.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of a team, using both individual and team reports.
  • Profile jobs in terms of Team Roles, for use in development, training, internal and external recruitment.
  • Run Belbin training sessions and teambuilding workshops by building on information and suggestions from the Belbin trainer.

The cost is $2900.00+gst or $2500.00+gst (online). This covers the Programme and workbook materials, venue and refreshments if attending a face to face session, The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work book and the marking of your accreditation test by Belbin Associates UK and certificate once passed.

Accreditation Dates

Our workshops can be conducted online via the platform of your choice, or face to face:

February 2024: Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 (ONLINE)

March 2024 : Tuesday 19. Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 (ONLINE)

May 2024 : Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8, Thursday 9 (ONLINE)

September 2024 : Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, Thursday 12 (ONLINE)

November 2024: Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, Thursday 14 (ONLINE)

If you’d prefer face to face we can discuss other dates/times and locations that work for you.

Next steps

Want to find out more or book your Accreditation course? Contact us to find out more.

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