Belbin Team Roles Guide to Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift


Imagine them unwrapping a gift, complete with a mini gavel for meetings, a ‘decision dice,’ and a ‘Captain Consensus’ cape. A fun tribute to their role of bringing the team together this year!

Completer Finisher

For a Completer Finisher, the perfect gift is… well, perfect. Think a set of pens that align perfectly with their desk or a to-do list app that’s color-coded, alphabetised, and harmonises with their life goals.


Implementer’s appreciate gifts they can put to use immediately, like a Swiss Army knife with a tool for every life scenario, including a ‘meeting shortener’ blade.


They are all about efficiency. They’re the ones timing how long it takes to unwrap a gift. A present that helps them get from A to B quicker, or better yet, turns A and B into the same thing, is ideal.


Teamworker’s love a gift that’s for the whole team – like a board game that never ends. They’re the ones who say ‘this is so us!’ about a group caricature or a ‘team spirit’ trophy.

Resource Investigator

These folks light up at gifts that have ‘social currency.’ If it’s a gadget that everyone’s talking about or a book that they can name-drop at parties, it’s a win. Bonus points if the gift comes with a story they can retell at every networking event.

Monitor Evaluator

They’re tough to surprise because they’ve likely analysed all potential gift options in advance. A good gift for them is something practical, like a book titled “101 Ways to Overthink Everything.”


They love gifts related to their niche interests. Like a rare book on 17th-century snail farming techniques, or a limited-edition collectible from a convention they’ve attended for the past ten years (and have the t-shirts to prove it).


Plant’s would be thrilled with anything they haven’t thought of themselves, which is a challenge! They’re the ones who unwrap a gift and immediately think of ten different uses for it, including a few that defy the laws of physics.

Do you recognise yourself or someone else in any of these gift giving scenarios? Wishing you luck in buying that perfect gift and a very Merry Christmas, from the Belbin NZ / Pacific Team.

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