Eggcellent teamwork: How do you crack the Easter egg hunt?

Easter egg hunts are a tradition that’s as much about fun as it is about strategy, especially when viewed through the lens of Belbin Team Roles. Let’s explore how each role might hop into action.


Start by brainstorming the most unconventional places to hide or seek Easter eggs. They’re the ones suggesting a night time hunt with glow-in-the-dark eggs or proposing an app that gives cryptic clues to the next egg’s location.

Resource Investigators

Turn the egg hunt into a networking event, chatting with everyone and forming alliances to share hints and locations. They might even sweet talk others into giving up the locations of well-hidden eggs.


Co-ordinators organise the hunt and ensure it runs smoothly. Delegating areas to search, based on each person’s strengths, and keeping the team focused on the ultimate goal – finding the most eggs.


Teamworkers focus on making sure everyone is having a good time. They’re likely to share clues they find and help younger or less competitive hunters to ensure a fair and even distribution of eggs.


Introduce a competitive edge to the hunt. They might propose time limits, challenges, or obstacles to make finding eggs more difficult. This is a competition after all!

Monitor Evaluators

Stand to one side and don’t rush off in excitement like everyone else. They pause and think through the most logical place the eggs are likely to be hidden and usually have success.


Plan their egg hunt strategy well in advance, perhaps even practicing or scouting locations beforehand. They have a checklist or a route mapped out to ensure efficiency in locating those hidden eggs.

Completer Finishers

Are thorough in their search, double-checking even the most obvious hiding spots to ensure no egg is left behind. They might also be the ones ensuring that all eggs are accounted for at the end of the hunt.


Focus on the details of the eggs themselves, perhaps trying to find the rarest or most unusual eggs. They are more interested in the quality or uniqueness of their finds rather than the quantity.

Recognise any of these strategies? Teaming up with different approaches can boost your egg hunt success. Let’s celebrate our differences and make this Easter unforgeggable.

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