Happy Halloween

Do you dive straight in and decide what it’ll look like as you carve, or have you been planning the design and getting together stencils and tips for weeks?

Have a look at how the Team Roles might go about carving their pumpkins… 

Resource Investigator

Enthusiastically goes on Pinterest, finds the best carving and copies it. Starts to lose interest when getting stuck into removing the ‘guts’ of the pumpkin but once it’s finished, is first to post pictures to Facebook, Insta and Snapchat.


Makes sure they’ve bought their pumpkin weeks ago and carves the same design they’ve used for the last 5 years (with stencils, of course).

Completer Finisher

Has spent so long perfecting their design that by the 3rd of November, it’s still not finished and the pumpkin is going mouldy!


Wants to carve a 3-tier pumpkin extravaganza but hasn’t realised they’ve only got one pumpkin! Has, however, thought of a use for all the bits of the pumpkin, including the seeds and skin. Sticky back plastic, spray paint and fairy-lights will probably also come into the mix, before they start again with an even better idea!


Identifies the design they would like and delegates the task of carving to someone else.


Checks everyone else has everything they need and insists that everyone else’s pumpkin deserves to win over their own. Calms everyone when the Shaper’s competitiveness reaches new levels in their desire to win!


Feels a little out of their comfort-zone in this new area, but insists on lengthy research to discover the best method and tools to get the most accurate carving. Relays this critical information in a 1-hour speech to colleagues, in their new role as ‘pumpkin guru’!


Keeps a close eye on everyone else and speeds up those who are taking too long or appear to be slacking somewhat. Then, with a deep desire to win, throws everything they have into their own carving… beware anyone who gets in their way!

Monitor Evaluator

Spends ages thinking about what to carve and then carves a simple frown/grimace.

Lot of pumpkins that are sitting on table with faces carved into them.

Have a frightfully happy Halloween, from the Belbin Team!

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