Suitability – the elusive ‘fit’

Gone are the days when you hired someone just on their shiny CV packed with technical skills and job experiences (eligibility). Now, the spotlight is equally, if not more, on what the team needs in terms of a complement to how the work is done and ability to work alongside others (suitability).

So how do you recruit for skills like teamwork, adaptability, problem solving capability or effective communication? One answer is by using Belbin’s cost effective job behavioural analysis tools, which offer a unique lens for recruiters and hiring managers, helping to shine a light on preferred behavioural contribution.

Incorporating Belbin Job Reports into recruitment strategies

Organisations worldwide looking for a way to refine recruitment practices, from tech startups to established companies, have transformed their teams by integrating Belbin behavioural tools, leading to improved efficiency and project success.

The process of identifying candidates who possess not only the necessary skills but also a genuine capacity for learning and a willingness to contribute meaningfully to the team, requires a collaborative approach to defining the behavioural demands of a role.

Conversations are key to recruitment success

The process starts with hiring managers, along with team members who understand the nuances of the job, discussing their perspectives on the behavioural skills and team dynamics essential for the position. This is where the gold is – a conversation where never before discussed aspects of the job are surfaced and focus placed on suitability.

Input from the various stakeholders ensures a comprehensive view of the role’s requirements and is captured on a short questionnaire. This collective input is then analysed through a scientifically backed research tool, producing a behavioural profile of the role. You can download a sample Job Report here.

This is then used to guide the interview process and can also be matched against candidates who have their own Belbin Team Roles profile -a Job Comparison report. In this way suitability can be assessed alongside eligibility.

Enhancing hiring decisions with behavioural insights

As workplaces evolve, our hiring strategies must too. Belbin offers a forward-looking approach to building cohesive, resilient teams ready for future challenges.  The insights gained from Belbin Job Reports and the subsequent matching process empower hiring managers to make more informed decisions.

Next steps

By understanding how you are planning to use the Belbin reports, we can give you useful advice and offer the most cost-effective options. Have a read about our Job reports and if you’re keen to explore, contact us today to find out more.

Please note: the Belbin Job reports are a tool to consolidate thinking about the role and to prompt fruitful discussions. They should never be used as the sole basis for decision-making.

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